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How to successfully start your restaurant in 2020

At a time when gastronomy is facing ever tougher competition, it can be difficult to stay afloat in your business. This is especially true if you are just starting out and do not have the basic principles of the gastronomic business.

Opening a restaurant can be easy, but living from it is another story altogether. You need to know your market niche, analyze your competition and work towards the needs of your target market.

Build a targeted relationship with all those who can be important for your success. Create the right environment in which your gastronomic company can thrive in the right direction. Remember, starting a restaurant is not just about money. Rather, it's about how you get in touch with the industry and how you can best deal with all of this. Not only the right financing option for your project has to be found. You also need to focus on excellent service.

If you dare to take the step and just want to get started in the exciting and challenging industry, here are the most important tips to help you be successful with your restaurant:



Invest in the right staff

Your restaurant is nothing without the right staff. You want employees who are not only qualified but also committed to work and your vision. Therefore, build a working environment in which your employees feel comfortable, but at the same time remain productive. Treating guests with decency and appreciation should always internalize each of your employees.

At the same time, however, you must also do this with your employees. Inspire your employees with exemplary leadership skills. In this way, you immediately convey these values ​​to your employees, which they then pass on to your guests. Always work to create an entrepreneurial feel-good atmosphere that will make your employees stay with you in the long term.

Your choice of chef should also be a top priority. If you find a chef with many years of experience in preparing delicious dishes, you can be sure that your guests will reward you with enthusiastic reviews of your menu. Remember that your guests stay loyal to a restaurant mainly because of the quality of the food and service.


Highlight the special in your restaurant

As a new restaurant owner, you have to work on creating something special that not only stays special, but also makes guests come back to you. You can distinguish yourself with a special menu or special food expertise.

Examples: come up with a stunning brunch buffet or even a striking cocktail presentation.

Cocktail Nonthaburi

On the other hand, your uniqueness may result from the interior design or other entertainment options that are not available in other locations in your area. Whatever it is, focus on it and make it your business. This increases your number of guests enormously. And in the age of social media, it becomes even easier to easily and directly spread these colorful and creative food recipes, drinks, and activities from your restaurant.


Be proactive in the accounting of your restaurant

From now on you have to make profits. Unlike other industries where inventory and daily sales calculation are a walk, accounting for a restaurant requires expertise and a proactive approach. So make it your business to use good accounting systems for your company. Communicate them clearly and understandably. Always stay organized. Predict your sales, set goals - but set realistic goals. All of this will only succeed if you lend a hand and get your hands dirty. Understand your business from the inside, this is the only way you can convey your goals to your employees.



Having regular customers for a restaurant business is the jackpot in the catering industry. However, this will only succeed if your service and menu offer always remains reliable and consistently good. If you have found a dish that suits your target group and is often ordered, keep it and make it a regular offer on your menu. This not only maintains customer loyalty, but also increases the number of visits to your restaurant.

However, consequence also extends to the way. Namely, how you treat your employees. Always be fair and considerate of every employee. This keeps you motivated and offers your guests excellent service.

A restaurant business may have its ups and downs. However, if you know exactly what it takes to be successful, you will always enjoy your independence. Remember, the success of a restaurant business is more than just a good location. Always try to look at the big picture. And be sure to give your first-time guests a reason to come back. Study, understand and appreciate your guests. Ultimately, this will help you achieve more.


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