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Gastronomy and Hospitality Trends in 2019

Ready or not. The New Year is coming soon and now it's up to us to prepare you as well as possible.

The New Year will undoubtedly bring a lot of challenges. Not only political uncertainties worldwide - we would like to mention here briefly the uncertain outcome of Brexit. In particular, our industry has to deal with huge changes.

And that is precisely why trends need to be recognized in good time to be ahead of the required steps. But what will be trendy in the coming year? We see five priorities here that will certainly attract attention in 2019. These will certainly also help your company or your brand to add the extra value that your guests will be asking for next year.



Sustainability is the key

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming an everyday norm in the catering industry, but of course also in the hotel industry. Because now, your guests expecting this. Especially because environmental effects have become obvious to everyone on a daily basis and as a guest you are now trying everything possible not to aggravate this further. Avoiding plastic on packaging e.g. or just turning off the lights automatically when the guest leaves the hotel room. Even with such small things you can easily reach the "environmental heart" of your guests.


Private homes are becoming even more mainstream

Airbnb is still trendy. And Millennials love Airbnb. That's why even more hoteliers, garni hotels and apartment owners will join this trend next year and become part of this growing network. It will become an important part of the sales structure. And therefore also bring many a "rusty" corporate strategy on the move. Because a desire for increasing privacy, away from the frantic driver of large hotels, is getting more and more high. The craving for attractive private rooms with pools in an outstanding location is steadily increasing. Because for the most beautiful time of the year, it often just requires the certainty.

Healthy and well-being

Alone the billion dollar market of wellness tourism shows what will be in demand next year. To offer a bed or a salad bar is no longer enough. Innovative wellness experiences have to be. Such as health baths, private saunas or fitness facilities with simultaneous nutritional advice. Perfectly well-being, not only when sleeping or eating, but also all times around. That becomes the guiding principle of 2019.

Innovation goes for the fast track

The speed of innovation within the restaurant industry will accelerate even further. The time when the old "laws" of the industries were over is over. Many start-ups follow the motto, "do not think too much" and push the market with your ideas. It will be important to have the courage to experiment and to accept possible failures. Because in the end, innovation will win always. Accelerate your entrepreneurial and, above all, your innovative spirit.


Digital convenience

It does not matter if you order from your favorite music service, or even quickly search for the right food from your supermarket on your smartphone. Digital applications are becoming even more present in our daily lives. Cashless payment in the restaurant is no longer science fiction today. But in the future, you can pay your bill with your mobile phone when you want. Without having to wait long for the service staff. Greetings from Google Pay and Apple Pay. Apps and applications will not complicate the dining experience - they will expand it and make everything much more convenient


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