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GastRo Consulting mourns Heinrich Rottmüller

Heinrich Karl Rottmüller, former manager of BASF Wirtschaftsbetriebe and co-founder of GastRo Consulting Betreibungsgesellschaft mbH, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, April 14, 1818.

He was 69 years old.



However, with the death of Heinrich Rottmüller, his company is also losing the catering business to a pioneer and pioneer who has continued to be socially and culturally active in his third phase of life. Heinrich Rottmüller uniquely understood how to combine the economic aspects of a modern catering catering trade with a keen sense for future developments. He was not only the engine and creator of his over 30-year career at BASF SE, but also put his farewell to his (dis) retirement all his strength and passion in the 2009 he co-founded and founded as a senior executive consultant consulting firm GastRo Consulting Betr .GmbH. His lifetime achievement is impressive and remains unforgotten. He gladly understood himself as a "revolutionary of the industry". This title was not awarded him a trade journal without justification.

His professional achievements are so extensive that only a few excerpts can be mentioned:

  • Renovation of Feierabendhaus, society house and the estate in Forst.
  • Opening of the gastronomy for external. Concentration of guest catering in the Gesellschaftshaus.
  • Construction of the company restaurant I with the first Cook & Chill production in the German public catering.
  • Renovation of the Hotel garni René Bohn and reopening as a 4-star superior business hotel René Bohn.
  • Axel Bohl Prize (promotion of junior German catering) in 2004
  • Frankfurt Prize (highest national award for public catering) also in 2004
  • Awarded the DGE logo for the community catering sector, as the first collective catering trade in Germany in 2006.

The memorial service in his honor will take place on Wednesday, 25.04.2018, at 11:00 in the Protestant Church in Ludwigshafen-Oppau.

With Heinrich Rottmüller, a fascinating, strong personality is relinquished from the stage of (gastronomy) life. His death tears a big gap, through his life he left deep marks on many companions.

In deep sadness

GastRo Consulting Betreibungsgesellschaft mbH


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25 Jan
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How to use social media as a test kitchen for your brand



Thanks to social media, everyone thinks that they are born restaurant critics. The number of posts mentioning restaurant service, prices, and food quality is astronomical. While platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram often appear as channels for restaurant visitors to share negative feelings and experiences, they also provide a wealth of knowledge to companies, and ultimately their sales and profits, through all the information they gather. to increase.


Restaurants have to assert themselves more than ever before the competition. To keep customers loyal and keep them coming back to the restaurant, the menu has to be continuously adjusted, seasonally "pimped" so as not to get bored quickly. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. But restaurant owners and operators know about the successful new creations of the food only when they try.


The most important step throughout the process is to listen to customers and adjust them as needed - before it's too late. The business and marketing executives of restaurant businesses should not wait until the sales figures force them to do so. You should actively observe and evaluate the guest's mood and, if necessary, correct it in real time.


Some of the craziest ideas may be the most successful, while some of the most banal and simplest changes will be the most counter-reactive.


25 Jan
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So verwenden Sie Social Media als Testküche für Ihre Marke


Dank der sozialen Medien denken alle, dass sie geborene Restaurantkritiker sind. Die Anzahl der Posts, die Restaurantservice, Preise und Essensqualitäten erwähnen, ist astronomisch. Während Plattformen wie Twitter, Facebook und Instagram häufig als Kanäle für Restaurantbesucher erscheinen, um negative Gefühle und Erfahrungen zu teilen, bieten sie aber auch gleichzeitig eine Fülle von Wissen für Unternehmen, um letztlich auch ihre Umsätze und damit Gewinne, durch all die gewonnenen Informationen, zu erhöhen.


Restaurants müssen sich gegenüber der Konkurrenz mehr denn je behaupten. Um Kunden zu binden und immer wieder zurück ins Restaurant kommen zu lassen, muss das Menü kontinuierlich angepasst, saisonal „gepimpt“ werden, um nicht schnell langweilig zu werden. Manchmal funktioniert es und manchmal eben auch nicht. Aber Restaurantbesitzer und Betreiber wissen um die erfolgreiche Neukreationen der Speisen auch erst, wenn sie es versuchen.


Der wichtigste Schritt während des gesamten Prozesses ist es, den Kunden zuzuhören und sie bei Bedarf anzupassen - bevor es zu spät ist. Die Geschäfts- und Marketingverantwortlichen von Restaurantbetrieben sollten nicht warten, bis die Verkaufszahlen sie dazu zwingen. Sie sollten die Gästestimmung aktiv beobachten und bewerten und gegebenenfalls schon in Echtzeit korrigieren.

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